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    Defining 'vintage'

    The rugs we sell are all genuine authentic vintage Moroccan Berber rugs.

    There are many views as to what the term 'vintage' actually means. Some people use it to describe a 'style' of item whereas others specifically state that the term applies to an item between 50-100 years old.

    In our case, we define the term 'vintage' as being an item that was made in the 1980s or earlier. A true vintage rug, as we define it, is one that has stood the test of time for 30+ years. It is therefore likely to show some signs of wear in one way or another eg. some fading, unravelled tassels, small marks etc. If the rug you want to buy is in absolutely perfect condition and does not show any sign of use, please consider that it may not be a genuine vintage rug.

    Please be aware that there are some online companies and individuals who use the term 'vintage' in a casual way, meaning the rug is not new. Also, some retailers have been sold new rugs in Morocco thinking they are genuine vintage items and therefore sell them on to their customers as such. Be careful what you buy!

    It is important to us that you, as one of our customers, are confident that what you are buying is the genuine article, so please feel free to get in touch with us if you have any queries before purchasing.


    Why buy from us?

    • The rugs we sell are all genuine authentic vintage Moroccan Berber rugs as stated on individual rug descriptions (unless otherwise described).
    • We are a UK-based company who spend a lot of time in Morocco on a regular basis, travelling around the country and searching out only the best vintage rugs for our customers.
    • The rugs and textiles on our website have already been imported from Morocco, so if you live in the UK or are part of the EU, you do not have to pay high shipping costs from Morocco, customs duty or import VAT, just a flat rate.
    • We offer flat shipping rates to the UK, USA and many European destinations.
    • Those of our customers who live in the UK or Europe are protected under EU law. If you are not completely happy with your purchase, you can contact us for a refund within the time stipulated.
    • We are an honest, transparent and trustworthy company who will do our best to make the whole purchasing process as simple as possible for our customers. We are at the end of a phone or contactable by email.