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    Vintage Moroccan Rugs

    Sourced throughout Morocco, our vintage rugs have all been handwoven by tribeswomen for personal use. Each rug has been uniquely designed by the weaver, incorporating elements of her life story into the design. These may include references to her family, her tribe, her surroundings, fertility and daily life. The rug-making tradition is passed on from one generation to the next and much of the knowledge passed on is committed to memory and incorporated into unique designs which frequently do not follow a pattern. A single rug may have taken months or even years to weave depending upon the type of knot used, the complexity of the design and how much time the weaver had available to dedicate to her craft. Vintage rugs are truly unique works of art and, as such, they are highly sought after by collectors and those who appreciate art in all its forms. Our Moroccan vintage rugs look great in a contemporary space as well as in a more traditional home.