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    Martin and Kathy in the Ameln Valley

    The Rug Souk is founded by Kathy and Martin from Birmingham, UK.

    We have spent many years exploring Morocco and made it our home for nine years, living in a village in the foothills of the High Atlas Mountains, where we experienced local life and culture on a daily basis. Sadly, our time living in Morocco came to an end in late 2017 and we moved back to the UK, where we set up The Rug Souk.

    Travelling extensively around Morocco, we have curated our own collection of vintage Moroccan textiles – rugs, belts, shawls – as well as a diverse range of other fascinating artefacts. Some of these, as well as new treasures we stumble across, are now available to purchase on this website.

    We have also acquired a stunning collection of antique and Vintage Ethnic Jewellery, which is now available to purchase on our sister website: Vintage Ethnic Jewellery.

    The Rug Souk specialises in rugs from all regions of Morocco. We have for sale rugs ranging from the Ait Ouaouzguite tribal region of southern Morocco to those from the Ait Bou Ichaouen tribes in the remote north east of Morocco – and beautiful rugs from many tribal regions in between.

    Moroccan rugs are amazing in terms of quality and design. Although regional similarities can often be seen in tribal rugs, no two are the same! Each one is uniquely handmade. A Moroccan rug may include signs, symbols and traditional tribal motifs that have been handed down through families, or it may incorporate aspects of a weaver’s everyday life such as symbols of birth, life, family or the natural world around her.

    We have chosen each rug carefully for its beauty, authenticity, quality and sometimes its rarity – and only chose rugs that we ourselves love! We are committed to sourcing genuine handmade vintage Moroccan rugs (and the occasional more modern rug) and are excited to be sharing what we have learnt along the way about these stunning rugs with you. We are passionate about what we do.

    Happy browsing!

    Kathy and Martin